One year and still racing….!!!

It has been a year this month since we started to go public with our game and what  a year it’s been.

We have hit several milestones over the year and overcome a couple of setbacks…but like any race you must endure to win. Here are a couple highlights from the last year:

  • We have taken our game from a concept paper game to a fully functional card game with art.
  • We have play tested and had various people enjoy the fun of Race-Cardz (thanks, TableTop Day! and
  • We are two cards away from having all 60 cards in the first deck uploaded to our printer. (Thanks to
  • We had our first Kickstarter project ever. (Thanks to all who pledged on Kickstarter and tried to get Race-Cardz out sooner)
  • We have a second deck finished and ready to load to our printer after the first deck is printed.
  • We have over 2000 people in the last year who have viewed and heard about Race-Cardz on our various promotional sites.

Our progress so far has been very exciting, several people never expected us to get this far…all I can say is thanks to those who have believed in our project.

Special thanks to our supporters, contributors, and partners.


2 thoughts on “One year and still racing….!!!

  1. Nice retrospective. The game I’m designing has been in development for two years and probably won’t go to kickstarter for another year. Unfortunately my life lead me to Korea which is not the best place to play test. It’s easy to get frustrated by the long process, and a retrospective of accomplishments is a great antidote. I’m excited to explore your blog more and find out more about your project. I’m excited to get back to the states, not only to finish development on my game, but also so that I can order more indie games like this one without paying $50 in shipping!

    • Thanks for the comment, it does get frustrating at times but I have found that setting goals and dates has kept me on track to my overall mission. Also breaking things up to smaller tasks leading up to a goal seems to keep me better focused.

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