Race-Cardz is getting an adjustment….

We are going to make a slight name adjustment to Race-Cardz.  We are adding an R to make the new game title Racer-Cardz….  Why?…you ask…

Over the last year we’ve noticed a couple of misinterpretations of our game title being related to Race(as in ethnic group) instead of auto racing.

Search engine listings and databases categorize sites in various ways and we want to be proactive to avoid any future issues.

So to eliminate this confusion we are making  our game title and logo change to Racer-Cardz.  It’s subtle enough and still keeps our base title and genre association.

It is unfortunate that after all these years of progress in racial equality that this is even an issue.

Both http://www.race-cardz.com and http://www.RacerCardz.com will still link to our site.

Thanks again for the feedback and support…..


Racer Cardz


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