About RacerCardz

Finally its here! The fastest most universal racing card game around. One on one, teams, free for all, or just by yourself, RacerCardz is an action packed unique card game like no other. Each player has a chance to bring their favorite car and custom cards to the table and play their strategy of choice. Weather you have a junker or a souped up muscle car, the cards can even the racing field so every player is a contender. Action and upgrade cards can be played to help give your car the edge you need to reach victory lane!

Click to see our newest version of how to play Racer-Cardz  GameRules_V2.PDF

Racer-Cardz is the first Deck Building Game to use crowdsourcing to help launch and create at the same time.  Everyone is welcome to submit your work on our site.  We may pick your art for a card, or even a whole set.   We are projecting to have our first box set done by the end of September 2013 so come  join the race!     Link to us and keep posted!

Check out how we can promote and advertise for you sponsorship_V2.PDF

Go check out TGC Logo  www.thegamecrafter.com/games/racer-cardz  if you want a copy of the game.

How To Play Videos (Before our game Title change, gameplay still current)

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Click below to view:

Cards in the game

Card Functionality

Sample game part 1 (how to use and swap your car)

Sample game part 2 (how to play actions)

Sample game part 3 (how to play upgrades)

Sample game part 4 (strategy)

Sample game part 5 (playing  responses)

Sample game part 6 (defensive driving….)

Sample game part 7 (racing for victory)

Special Thanks

RacerCardz.com is sole intellectual property of Tom Wrightson.  Any reproduction of Racer-Cardz design materials and ideas is prohibited by patent law.  Members are contributing their designs and digital works on the basis of gaining free advertising and networking within our game not for monetary retribution.  We are not responsible for the success of  any contributors ventures, company, or persons.  We at RacerCardz.com do not hold a commitment or retainer on any contributing members works for this game.  The contributor is entirely responsible for the legal copyrights of their own designs before submitting them to RacerCardz.com


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  2. More about Decks,Sets, and Booster Packs:
    The Game will have an initial Deck that will be available when we launch early next year. This will contain 60 cards of various cars, upgrades, and actions.
    Sets of a cards will be released over time as the game gains popularity. A set is just a combination of that particular artists work that fit the predefined card titles and car types, like the ones listed on the main column on the right.
    We will also be developing and deploying booster packs based off of popular themes and categories. These booster packs will contain 18 unique cards catering to that theme or category of racing. These booster packs will at times have totally custom designs based off of individual artist. Making them even more of a collectible.

  3. More about the game;

    *Racercardz is a card game that has three different style cards. A car card, action cards, and upgrade cards.
    – Car cards are your ride these cards have a picture with the car of your choice to challenge your opponent. Car cards have a red solid or dashed line around the picture bezel. They also have the type of vehicle in the card type area. When you start the game you have to choose a car card. The car you choose to start with should be the fastest car, and have the lowest speed number, because any other car you want to swap with it has to be slower and have a higher speed number.

    -Upgrade cards are the other cards in the game. Upgrades have a white solid or dashed line around the picture bezel. They also have the word upgrade in the card type area. These are the cards that help your car with abilities and give strategy to the game custom to your car of choice.
    Upgrade cards may play better with certain cars based on their category icon at the top of the card. The upgrade cannot be played with a car if they do not share at least 1 of these icons.

    – Action cards are the next type of cards in game. These cards have a yellow solid or dashed line on the picture bezel. They also have the word action under the card type section. Action cards may play better with certain cars based on their category icon at the top of the card. The action cannot be played with a car if they do not share at least 1 of these icons.

    I have a more specific and exact game play rules PDF that I will release with the first set when it get distributed after the kickstarter.com event next year.

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