Action Cardz

Here is where the postings for action cardz will happen.

Action cardz are more versatile and bring a lot of fun and excitement to the game.

If your art fits our list, post it with an email,  and we will contact you. If we select your design we will put a link on the card that will send players to your email, website, and phone number.

That’s free custom advertising to every player with a direct contact to you! It’s like a sponsor sticker on a car but better!

These are just a few… we have over 200 cards developed with full abilities ready for art.
Show us your art today! Here are a couple of examples:

Deer in Headlights
Car Fire
Road Rage
Daily Driver
Speed Bump
heavy wind
rain delay*
flat tire*
bad road ahead
missed gear
night race
nitrogen boost
fuel leak
oil leak*
racing for pinks
perfect start
pit stop
bad starter
monkey wrench
sun in your eyes
car fire
brake failure
petal to da metal
low fluid
low fuel
out of gas
wrong gear
tached out
Tokyo drifting
head to head
photo finish
new sponcer
loose a sponcer
final lap
caution flag
race leader
middle of the pack
snowed out
white flag
yellow flag
checker flag
hit the wall
team racing
tire change
driver change
cops ahead
speeding ticket
time trials
pole position
pace car
caution lap
lucky dog
cross county race
nail in tire
traffic school


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