Car Cardz

The car cards are your ride in the game and can win you the race if you play them right. You get to choose between various years and types vehicles that most can only dream of driving in real life.

If your art fits our list, post it with an email,  and we will contact you. If we select your design we will put a link on the card that will send players to your email,  website, and business.

That’s free custom advertising to every player with a direct contact to you! It’s like a sponcer sticker on a car but better!

All art styles, year, or deviations will be considered….
Show us your art today! Here are a couple of cars we will be putting in the game….

Police Cruiser
Custom HotRods
KIT car
monster truck
vw bug
electric cars
European Supercars
American Muscle Cars
Classic Race Cars
Stock Cars
Dirt Racers
Street Racers
Police SUV
Hummer (Military)
the bandit (70s firebird)
mini cooper
f150 pickup truck
movie rides
army H1
fire comand truck
Armored Car
mad max cars


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