FAQ and Status updates

Here is the current area for game status and FAQ.

Q. Where can I buy RacerCardz?  (A.  www.thegamecrafter.com/games/racer-cardz)

Q. How many players can play with one deck?  (A. Two players per deck is the most per deck in beginner mode. “Hint” If you want to play with more people per deck bend the rules and only use the track as a win condition and keep recycling your junkyard back to the shared tank.)

Q. What do I do if we have a tie?  (A. Same as in a real race…race again!….or if time is limited the player that had the most cards in their hand last has more “gas vapors” when the tank went out so they win.)

Q. When making a custom deck how many copies of each card can I have?  (A. Only four copies of the same exact card are allowed per player…Ie. John has four copies of Nitro Boost in his tank, but he plays a team game with Jeff who also has four copies,  they can have 8 copies in their combined tank when playing together.)

Q. What if the QR code on a card does not scan? (A. Try to scan in again in different lighting.  If it still doesn’t scan contact us at info@RacerCardz.com     Some URLs may have been changed by individual artists or website administrators.)

Q. Are the other RacerCardz decks and boosters going to be compatible with the first deck?  (A.  Yes all our future decks and boosters will have cards that are backwards compatible.  Ie. The new “Enforcers” deck will be primarily police themed but more than half the cards will share category icons with cards from our  starter deck.)


11 thoughts on “FAQ and Status updates

  1. The race is going great. Here is a quick status:
    We have just closed out all new art for the starter deck launching the end of next month.
    For the next two months we will be marketing and networking for the Kickstarter Launch.
    Recruiting for this deck is closed, but feel free to contact me to have your art in our booster packs that will follow after our launch.

    Thanks so much for all your support.

  2. Our revamped site has launched for 2013!! Enjoy… Three months to go till the race starts on Kickstarter.com. We are looking good so far, thanks again for all the help 2012.

  3. Great progress for the four months since our launch, thanks everyone!! 2012 Status update:
    *We have a fully functional playing deck.
    *We have full rule page PDF (available to contributing game members for now)
    *We have four official sponsors, and several pending…
    *We have over ten commited artists, and several pending…
    *We are online with Twitter, FlickR, Diviant Art, and our email networking
    *We have had over 600 visitors to our site in the last four months.
    *We are on target for our Kickstarter Launch in March.

  4. Ya! We now officially have enough art to make our first full deck of 60 cards. Thanks so much for all the participation. Some of the cards are my sketch conversions for the upgrade cards, but over time those will be phased out with sponsor oriented custom art.

    Thanks again!

  5. Traffic update…we are coming up on two months going live on out site and we have had over 450 visitors! Keep spreading the word, thanks. I will be posting some more cards this week, enjoy.

  6. It’s going great! It’s been 1 month now and I am pleased to say we have had over 250 visitors to our site, we have about 10 commited artist that are going to market their work in our game, and we are on track to be cutting a first beta deck by the end of November.
    Thanks again for all the support, keep spreading the word, link this site to your own, and email me if you have any people that can help our race to success!

  7. Thanks for all the responses via email….feel free to post here on the webpage also. This will be the hub for information as this project progresses. I will try to post the Mock ups of some of the people who have joined up so far…. spread the word! If you know anyone else I should be talking to let me know. Thanks again, I want to market all of you and your awesome talents…..

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